StringX - Advanced String Handling for Visual Basic 6

Advanced String Handling for Visual Basic and VB.NET

These functions include, EBCDIC/ASCII conversions, Word counting, Array Sorting, File Sorting, Text Splitting, Character stripping, Delimited Fields (CSV), Search and Replace with Word and MatchCase, Proper Capitalisation Salutation (accounting for Names, Titles etc), Postcode Validation, Packed Decimal, Decimal to Binary, and many extra validations. Some of these functions are useful for migrating mainframe legacy data.

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StringX News

November 2001
The StringX team are pleased to announce the arrival of .com
sortX is designed for those of us that deal with flat files, delimited files, fixed and variable length record files. This program is ideal for handling files form legacy or mainframe type applications. Written in C++ and Assembler, this powerful component can sort all types of files fast, using your computers RAM effectively due to its powerful sort architecture. Click here to find out more, at the sortX home page.

January 2001
We are pleased to offer a free EBCDIC to ASCII conversion program, which uses the StringX DLL.
It is available to download from our Download page inside. Press the ENTER button above.

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